Alcanta International College Guangzhou

Graduation Portraits

One of the challenges of this kind of job is consistency with lighting (especially if not all the subjects are there on the same day of shooting). Then again keeping that consistency is also important during post production. Another challenge was putting these nervous young people at ease and to try and catch a glimpse of their natural personalities during the last week of their exams. . .

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Everyone's a Photographer

Predictably, on the “taster” evening that follows, I am confronted with a  group of restless teenagers, ranging from the very serious, the out-rightly arty, to the "I don't -even- know- why- I -am -here- tonight, I -couldn't -decide -on- anything -else"- types. When I ask the question: "how many of you have brought a camera?" two hands go up among the assembled group of sixteen.  A challenging start. "Ok", I say, "who's got a smart phone or tablet with them? "- to which ten more hands go up. Time to think on my feet!

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