Milano Diary

It's been many years since I have been back in Europe on a trip like this. In the following postings for this journal I look forward to sharing my purpose  for coming here to Milan in Italy but in the meantime; while feeling galvanised by Eric Kim's example of his recent  street photography diary in Saigon  Vietnam, I am going to post a visual diary over the next two weeks. Unfortunately I do not have the stamina to write in as much length and with the same frequency as Eric Kim does. I know that after a day's shooting in a new environment its is going to be a frankly exhausting task and being realistic,I don't expect to update my "Milano Diary" on a  daily basis.

Here in this first post I am just going to share the quirky, theme-less and bizarre results of my first two days, until things settle into a logical rhythm (if that ever happens!) 

Milano! - It's a travel and street photographer's dream.

I look forward to sharing more with you over the next two weeks.