Jamie Lowe

I have had a passion for photography ever since being at art school. With my background of art and design study and later art teaching in a variety of locations around the world, I have always loved photography. It began as a necessary support and accompaniment to making art but gradually evolved into a choice of medium.

As a portrait and travel photographer. I like to shoot people. I use the process of creating photographs to connect with people so that the camera becomes a two-way device for communication. My portrait photographs capture the subtle aspects of my subject's personalities and their character traits.

My travel and editorial images are created as a result of seeking the human element, the everyday, the routine, the rituals and practices which occur against the backdrop of the unfamiliar; yet remind us somehow of our own lives. Clients include South China Morning Post, Word magazine Vietnam and corporate clients. I am also a Getty Images contributor.

The photographs which I take reveal something about an experience that promotes inquiry and interest and their impact remains in the viewer's mind afterwards.

I like to say that:  "photography always wins"  and this is due to photography's ability; as a medium, to evolve and adapt over time. Photography has that shape-shifting diversity -that ability to run alongside us, in every aspect of our lives. It is as if it mirrors and records our humanity with near supernatural concern.

Photography never loses its magic and I look forward to sharing that with you.